Goose eggs- good eats?


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Nov 7, 2011
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We went to our local pesticide free farm this morning for our weekly shopping. While there, we tour the animals and throw them scraps.

There is a goose run and there were three eggs on the ground and a ground squirrel was going near one of them. I went in and shoo'd him away. I picked up the eggs and took them to the farm manager and told him what happened, that I didnt want to see the eggs get damaged.

He asked me if I wanted them, otherwise just throw them away! duh! I took them, but he said, that he cant gaurantee the quality of the eggs.

I am relatively new to chickens and have no clue on goose eggs.

How often do geese lay eggs?
How long before a goose egg is not edible? (last week, there were no eggs on the ground, so I would assume that these are at the most a week old)
Are they good eats?

I was originally planning on cooking them and feeding them to my hens, but heck, if they make a tasty omelette, why not?

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Eggs of unknown age left on the ground and in sun I wouldn't be so quick to eat myself. Goose eggs are good for baking, but I would error on the side of caution eatting an egg like what you got. That's just me though. We collect all of our eggs for eatting two- three times a day depending on the time of the year.


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Feb 12, 2009
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Tell ya what, Dad, I would do a float test on them and see if thay are good. Get a bowl of water and put the eggs in. If they float, feed tham to the fowl. If they sink, eat them. I love'm myself, and a week old egg should still be plenty fresh. I once had a little Spanish game hen that layed 10 eggs over a months time in the hot FL August sun and hatched all 10. They had to be good for that to happen. Give it a shot. Goose eggs are great.........Pop

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Apr 14, 2011
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Goose eggs can sit out for a month and still hatch. So, I think that qualifies as fresh.

Float test them, then crack them in to a separate bowl before you add them to you ingredients. They are probably a day old because if the farm doesn't pick eggs up, some critter will come along and eat any eggs left out in the open.


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Mar 27, 2012
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Goose eggs make great brownies. We also scramble them. The flavor is a little richer than chicken eggs and the texture is a little rubbery. We like them best scrambled and then cooked in a thin layer on a pan. This makes a great addition to a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. A goose egg is equivalent to about 3 chicken eggs if you are baking with them.:D

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