goose eggs....


11 Years
Nov 12, 2008
desert of calif
how long does it take to hard boil a goose egg??????.. right now i have tons of them,, i tryed to sell them, i tryed to GIVE them away nobody wants them, i dont want to hatch them, so...i need to eat them!!!
i am tired of quiche, we made french toast last week with a goose egg.... so i thought about egg salad but how long to boil????
10 min??? an hour????
I have always wanted to make deviled eggs using goose eggs just for HA Ha's
I have made devilled eggs with goose eggs.

They were a hit.

I simmered them for a long time if I remember. They are very hard to peel as the membrane is very thick.

I use them for omelets. Add milk and whatever you like.
find an oriental market near you. My friend sells her goose eggs for $5 apiece to orientals for "medicine" and they believe it is good and important for pregnant women to eat them.
What kind of geese are they? Did you try to sell them on here?

Added to say, geese eggs taste great, just like a chicken egg, but bigger..........
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