goose eggs


10 Years
Mar 30, 2009
okay so my geese have picked up their laying again but it is still cold here. I would like to let them hatch a clutch this spring but I cant leave the eggs in the nest untill they actually stay on the nest, the eggs will freeze. My questions are...

1. How long can I store the eggs and how do I store them?

2. Also if I continue to take the eggs from the nest wont this detour them from setting? So could/should I put fake eggs in the nest.

I would really only want about 3-4 goslings per goose(I have two geese).
Thanks for ALL advice.
No, taking the eggs from the nest will not deter them one bit. If they get the broody instinct, they will still sit on the ones left regardless.
okay thanks. do you know how long I can keep their eggs before it really affect fertility? and whats the best way to store them until they go broody?

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