6 Years
Jun 12, 2013
Mobile, Alabama
Today I got out of the pool to check on my goose and he was panting very badly, even had his tounge out. He is my only goose and we love each other darly! His names Ryan. When he was a baby I noticed he breathed very heavy and had an unusual breathing pattern. Now he throwing up & panting. I took him inside and figured it was because he was hot, I let him take a bath, and he constantly has fresh water, I even change his water if it just has one leaf in it! That's how careful I am!! he couldn't have eaten anything bad,each time I move the tractor he is in during the day, I check the ground for ANYTHING! What is wrong with my baby and what can I do to help him?!?!

This is a picture of him when I brought him on the porch before we went inside, as you can see he's panting like a dog over there. :(
When it is super hot geese do pant. Just keep him fresh cool water to drink and a nice pool filled with cool water that he can get in if too hot.
Is you goose a African because I noticed on the picture the nostrils are down lower on the beak. I had one Chinese and it had the nostrils very low on the beak and sounded funny when breathing. I did not keep the Chinese because he was a very aggressive and very mean gander. He drowned my beautiful grey gosling female in out small man made pond. He left right after that!!!

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