Goose getting beat up


Jul 8, 2017
Hey there! I have a small flock of 14 easter Eggers (mostly ameracuana mixes) and a goose that I've raised with them. I didn't have the chicks sexed, so at the moment I have a 50/50 mix of males and females. Tonight I witnessed 2 of my roos attack the goose. They chased her in circles in the coop until she fled and went outside. When she came back in they immediately jumped on her back and started pecking at her head and neck. I got them off of her before they drew any blood, but she looks a little worse for wear. I'm not planning on keeping these roos, but they're not quite old enough to butcher, I need 1 more month. What do I do with the goose until these guys go to freezer camp?

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