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May 5, 2010
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Would anyone be willing to post pictures of their goose house? We will be building something this weekend but not totally sure what to do!!


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May 29, 2009
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I am such a dork. I thought you said "house goose". At least you got a bump

BTW I used four hay pallets and made a three sided structure and covered it with tarp. I keep the feed in there to keep it out of the rain but the geese don't seem to care if it's snowing or hailing, they'll stay out in it.

What you need is a predator proof pen around the goose house.
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Apr 24, 2010
My husband built me 2 large goose houses last year. I do the same as Kim and keep the food in them during the day to keep it dry. My adult geese or my goslings do not use the houses to get out of the weather or sleep in though. They go in to eat and right back out. I have chain link fence surrounding both areas and thats where I pen them at night but they will not stay inside the houses if they are not eating. They stayed outside in zero degrees last winter with snow and sleet blowing and layed on straw outside the house. I had the houses filled with fresh dry straw covering the bottom and I even put a 250 watt brooder bulb in the corner thinking they would go in to get warm and they rarely did. They were smart enough to build their nests in them in February and lay and incubate their eggs so in that respect they were smart. The funny thing was, as soon as the weather started warming up they moved their entire nests and moved the eggs outside on the ground back out in the rain and cold. Go figure when they had nice dry houses to stay in.

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I use this design for my Muscovies, too. The apple bins were $10 each & I used scrap OSB to make the "roofs." I also used some foam sealing stuff (Great Stuff is the brand) to seal the cracks. The geese picked most of it off, though.

Here are some pics!

Future pen for yet another breed.

I have 5' welded "no climb" wire around the entire thing & I used 16' hog panels in the back, wrapped with the welded wire. This way, we can open those up every now & then and use the backhoe to clean out the pens. The pens themselves are 16'x 16'.

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Apr 19, 2009
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Quote:Where do you get the apple bins? How big are they? (I have 8 toulouse to make something for)

Also- what is "no climb" wire? Will it keep racoons out? I definitely call that up-cycling! Nice job


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Oct 20, 2009
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I don't have a pic at the moment but my goose hut is 6x6 with sides at 3' and a center pitch roof of 4'.... slightly suspended and the majortiry of the front flips down for a door/ramp.... big window in the side, the blue slate turkeys join them in their (think they are geese too) and its pretty cute, they look out the window and peep at me when its bedtime and they are in for the night!

Actually is you click on my page it is simply a smaller version of my coop without the varanda.



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Mar 28, 2009
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Apple bins are used by apple farmers for movement and storage of the crop. Usually they are the same size as wooden pallets (48x40) usually they are repaired if needed during the off season, so are seldom discarded. Yes we will prosecute if we catch you trying to remove them from our orchards!
No climb wire is supposed to be made to prevent farm animals from climbing out, It won't even slow down a racoon and most dogs (Foxes & coyote) learn how to climb it in a hour or so. Heck even my geese learned how to climb it to get to a mating. The big use for a goose house is to give them protection for their nests. most geese like to be able to look from the nest but not be seen by others. a apple bin can be converted to 4 nest houses with a simple X devider.


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May 21, 2008
I just made this last week for our new goslings, it has a raise-able roof for cleaning and feeding with another access door in the back, they seem to love it.

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