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May 12, 2008
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hi all,
trying to come up for a design for a duck and goose pen. i will probably get 3 toulouse geese. can someone give me an idea of how much space i would need per bird in the pen and what size door i would need for them? also, i will be using this for them at night and they will free range during the day. will geese even get into a pen at night?

My chinese geese and a few muscovies live in a secure pen with my mini horses.
During the day I sometimes let the ducks and geese out into yard to free range and enjoy the small pond in the backyard. Around dusk I would take a pan of feed and intice them back to the pen and herd them in for the night.
Nothing more difficult than trying to herd a bunch of fast moving critters if they do not want to do something!
After a few days they would hang around the gate and want to be put back in the pen.
Food is a great motivator! Works on me too :)
My geese have a small pen in our garage and semi-free range during the day (they have a fenced-in acre). We wait until it is DARK (like, almost black outside, about 9 in the summer) to put them away, and sometimes have to use a broom to chase them in. The only thing they do in their pen is sleep and lay eggs. Our door is about 3.5 feet tall and the pen is about 4 feet tall.

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