Gordy Got Neutered......Complications :( UPDATED :)


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Apr 29, 2007
I will be taking him to the vet tomorrow and hope and pray they will work with me on the cost. Gordy our Bouvier and Lucky our Jack Russell were both neutered at the Low Cost Clinic on Monday. Lucky was sore a couple of days and is fine, Gordy would not leave his incision alone , I bought a Collar of Shame and he still did not leave it alone, he got the stitches out and I managed to keep medicine on that and it looks ok. But Gordy kept licking other things and today I discovered a hole in a part of his body that should not have a hole

And if that wasn 't bad enough he is now shaking his head and his ear is RED

Off to the vet tomorrow to see how much this is going to set me back
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Hopefully it wont be to much for you, I had something similiar happen, I took my cat Jix to a low cost place a year ago and they ended up only "half" neuturing him, as in they left part hanging out still attached just cut open... Well the idiots never would answer their phone so I ended up having to take him to our local vet (low cost place was 60+ miles away) took about 15-20 mins to fix him back up and came up to about $60 with the medicine they had to give him. Needless to say im never going back to the low cost place. Asides from that both of my female cats was only half stitched up and got infected the very next day even though they were in a Clean kennel inside.
Leaving male cats open is the latest. I've had a couple toms done that way. Still freaks me out. I can't imagine that it doesn't hurt, and it heals fine.
I freaked out a woman at work when I told her that, before she took in her new male puppy. I guess it isn't done like that for puppies.

I just had my weiner deweenied and it cost 79 dollars at the vet, including his take home AB. It was kind of an ordeal though. We had gone in the Saturday Pm because he had caught his "man sack" on something and slightly ripped it away from his abd. They didn't stitch it because they thought it would be ok till Monday am when we had appt for him being fixed. She told me at that time it would be 79 bucks. I said ok. Picked him up on Monday after him being fixed and they say $300... and I am like.. uh no way.. I was told 79 bucks and they honored it.
I hope he is alright.
It sounds horrible.

Leaving pets open? Yikes! So far the only bad experience I had was that they didn't clean up the area so the dog was bloody and crusty. I have never done a lost cost S/N program though just private vets and military vets.
Next month our kitten is going in for a spay. It will be 120 with a pain package included. So glad that they are including it as I get them anyways. They shouldn't have to suffer in pain after such an invasive surgery.
When I got my female cat spayed, it was horrible. She wouldnt leave the stitches alone. They gave me one of those cone collars to put on her, but overnight she slipped it off, and ripped out a couple stitches. Luckly, it was already healing. But over the next couple days all her stiches were ripped out. I was so worried that she was going to open up, and her insides would spill out. Lol. But she was fine.

How big is the hole? Im sure he will be fine.
It's that time for my pup. He was a rescue that I really didn't want to rescue. I like him but it seems like every other day I'm contemplating a rehoming. I keep telling myself once he's neutered he should calm down some. But I'll tell you if the kids bring another home I will try to rehome it then take it to the shelter if I have to. I love dogs but there is a point where too many is just too many. And I'm already feeling it.
It is not as bad as I thought, he is on SMZ Tabs and I already have surolan for the ear. We will treat the hole as an open wound. Vet also gave him a shot of antibiotics and said his appetite should return within 12-24 hours, which is good cause he has lost 8 lbs already.
He had a Scrotal Hematoma and it blew out, not uncommon apparently in large dogs.

And it was only $40. vet did not even charge me for the shot!
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