Goshawk after ducklings

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by StBob, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. I woke up the other morning to an almighty kerfuffle from the fowl yard. When I looked out there was a beautiful all white goshawk perched on the fence checking out the 8 duckling buffet. She flew off when she saw me but came back later. Normally if something disturbs the ducks (like me) they all run around the back of the shed where there is a bit of a "jungle" as I call it. This time the ducklings were all sat on the pond, very still and bedraggled, while their mama Wendi and older sister Singlet stood over them on the side. Father Bob is currently banished outside for non-child friendly attitude.

    The pond is only the size of a bathtub so I am figuring they are following their instinct to stay in water where a bird of prey won't be able to land and catch them. But I don't think they've thought it through! The obvious thing to do would be to run into the Quack House or the jungle. Lady Goshawk (as I've christened her) came back later and perched on the chicken house. Chickens had definitely headed for the jungle by then.

    Seems instinct dictates different escape strategies for different predators. Anybody else notice this?


  2. YOU NEED CHICKEN WIRE OVER THE TOP it doesn't matter fit they're in the water any bird of prey can swoop down latch and fly away with a duckling, thats very unsafe, u need to put them somewhere that doesn't involve any predators that can come around them
  3. at least put on the chicken wire like i said it makes a world of difference

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