Gosling found...what do I do?


10 Years
Jun 7, 2009
I have come upon an injured Canada gosling. It has a gash on it's right leg, looks like a turtle might have gotten hold of it. I am unable to get in touch with any animal hospitals or shelters that could tell me what to do. It's beginning to get it's adult feathers but other than that, I'm not sure of the age. Any suggestions or advice??
Ah, poor little thing. Try to get in touch with the Division of Wildlife. I don't believe you can keep it.

In the mean time put it in a warm protected area. Give it a little water and then take it away since go don't know how long it has been since it had water. After 15 minutes or so try a little more water. I am not sure how long you need to continue this until it is safe to leave the water with the gosling. I hope one of the waterfowl experts will help soon.

If the gash isn't to bad, I would leave it alone and wait for the experts to take care of it.

I hope this helps some.
Thank you for that. We have a small crate for a puggle and so I've put the gosling in there for now. I've put a blanket over the top and sides to keep it darker and quiet. She/he seems to be doing ok and I hope to get in contact with someone soon. I've tried the KY Wildlife Management office and Humane Society here in town and no one seems to be open. But thank you for the advice!
Some information for people finding goslings and how to care for them. I was given for my second time a 3 day old baby canadian goose. I have been sucessful with the first one that grew to maturity then went south. My gosling is in great shape and is now 21 days old. I use a 2'x2' high plastic bin that is in the kitchen. I put a black garbage to line the bottom. The bedding is wood shaving and paper towels that can be changed daily. I use a heating pad that I put in a white plastic baggie to keep clean then a paper towel over the plastic. The heat when it was a few days old was at setting 3 out of 4 temperatures. They like to be really warm. Then I cover the baby with a soft fluffy hand towel or even 2 at a time that can be washed. They like to be weighted down so they do not make so much noise for it reminds then of sitting under mother. The heat setting is now at 2 as the temperature should lower every 2 weeks until no heat is needed. FOOD is poultry/chicken starter (should have no chemicals) & small amounts of oyster shells in water to make a mush. I bought more oyster shells in a large bag and grind them up in a coffee grinder to a powder & add to the water & mush. The water is milky so 2 tbs per cup, otherwise weak legs.
Greens are young dandelion leaves+blossoms, clover, chickweed and some grasses cut up. Very small pieces. From Wellness Support Network for healthy dogs & cats, I buy their natural Vit C and grind that in my grinder, just a little & add to the calcium oyster shells mix. I stir this water mush mixture a few times during the day then start fresh again the next day. I also have next to this mix, plain water in a plastic container. Also I put in childrens play sand near the food dishes. I pick greens and place in a pile in the container. I take it for walks 3 x's a day so it can get bugs flies and small stones & gritty bits. They know what to do naturally. I hope this helps. Good Luck
I forgot to mention for newborn goslings they like cooked eggs made with a little water. Also Scotch oatmeal or regular. Scotch is already finely cut up and make it with water. A very fine mush I feed my baby with my fingers but it also ate out of my palm. It really like the eggs and oatmeal. Best wishes.

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