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    May 30, 2012
    Hi i live in england and i now nothing rly about geese apart from what i have read in the past few weeks and i could do with advise on gosling care i have read alot of other posts from this forum and other sites but thought i would leave this post and thanks the info i read from this site and other helped me alot.

    Ok i will tell the whole story so u guys can undersatnd my situation better if u get bored sry my spelling skills are not great.

    Anyway where i work is a buisness park with a canal behind it. It also is a nesting site for canada geese and every year around this time they come and make nests near the canal and even in the buiness park they take there gosling on the cut lawns when they hatch so sometime theres is alot of geese outside my work.

    This year the grass outside my lab window at work was abit overgrown and a pair of geese set up a nest right outside my window i had been watching these 2 geese for the last few week and was excited too see the goslings when they hatched the female seemed like a good mom she hardly left the nest and when she did she would spend a great deal ammount of time covering it up and would only graze a little then go back.
    The male would stand in the next unit on a hill keeping watch most of the time.

    I noticed one time she left her nest without covering it up and that was when enougher pair of geese chased her off it.
    Some women at my work chased the other 2 off and she quikly went back on her nest as she had been off it for like an hour

    Anyway it was about a week to go before the eggs would hatch i had roughly worked out
    and i came in on monday morning ready too see the goose but she wasent there and the eggs where not covered and i could not see any sighn of her i new straight away something was wrong and asked one of the plant lads who had come in 3 hours before me iof she was there then they said they hadent seen her since sat afternoon but said she could of been there sunday as they were not in that day.

    I waited about 7 hours before i went out too the nest and felt the eggs they where stoned cold and i thought they where prob dead but i covered them up anyway and left them as i was really hopeing the mom was gona come back, i had anougher concern aswel a magpie was eyeing the eggs and i had too scare it away a few times was quit funny how it was trying too get too the nest through the long grass.

    After a while i started too think the eggs where never gona survive with no heat and that when i left work the magpie would prob have them or something else.

    Then suddenly i had an idea i noticed a small non airflow oven we use for testing stabilities of products at different temps and i decided they where prob dead anyway so i might aswel try it so i put them in the oven set it too 99 deg F (35 degC) abd put wet paper towel at the bottom of the oven for humidity as i read it needed too be high it off been too high but was all i had. I left these egg in this oven at work for a few days candling the eggs in a drak room each day and it became clear that 3 where still alive and 1 was not.
    I started too regret taking the eggs abit and thought i should of left it too nature but i had done it now and they where alive.

    I took them home and turned them for a few days then started too hear them making noises so i stoped as i thought they where gona hatch which they where and 2 days later the first gosling was born he seemed healthy but i think had burned his head alittle as he was in the oven for a while with just his head out but it went away after a few hours the red patch and he seems fine ( i say him but i have no idea what sex they are hehe )

    The other 2 i had problem with i think becuase i had never done it before i had done something wrong becuase they ddient seem too be able too get out.
    That night one of them had abit off it beak out and i thought it would be out in a hour or so so i left it and fell asleep for afew hours when i woke up it was dead i was really upset i had not cryed for a long time but that made me cry like some little girl.

    The last egg was alot smaller than the other 2 and the progress was alot less than the one that had died and even now was chirping wasent doing much so i decided too get it out myself soemthing i dident want too do before becuase i ddient want too hurt it but after it died i decided if i dident get this one out and went too work it would be dead when i got back so i cairfuly pulled back bit of shell and stuff untill the little guy could almost get out i tilted the egg a little and it just came out ( not sure if this was ok too do) the little guy which was alot smaller than the first gosling bled a little when it came out of the egg and i thought it was gona die but it stoped after a few mins.

    Anyway its been 2 weeks and they are both doing ok one is still alot bigger than the other but both are eating and drink walking running and swimming in the bath and will be letting them in the garden soon too graze.

    they have been on some chick crumbs starter feed suitable for ducks i read some chick crumb was bad for them and too get one suitable for duck with less than 20% protein in it not sure if that correct or not. i have bought some feed for ducks and geese pellet thats says mix with chickcrumb from week 3 i have been giveing them some leafy greens and grass too they seem too be doing fine ( got some grit too read they needed it for digestion).

    any advise will do about how too sex, feeding bedding things i can do as im not sure i can keep them when they get big if they make too much noise and not sure if it even legal i now in america they need a permit too keep canada geese. also is it normal for one too be alot smaller than the other one even the egg was smaller .
    anyone ever kept canada geese that could maybe advise me with a few things
    i bought a fox proof shed thing suitable for geese as they will be too big for my house soon.
    sry if i went on abit or if u found it hard too read.
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    I think the first thing I would do is to find out if it is legal for you to have/keep them, I don't know anything about your laws but here you can get in serious trouble.
    I am no expert in hatching, but in my experience if the eggs were cold for a while that is probably why they had trouble hatching and the like, it weakens them a lot.With Canada geese, they are going to want to migrate I'm sure. The problem with that is that they have no parents to guide them, so they will have the instinct to fly away with no idea where to go. If you are legally able to keep them, the safest thing would be to make sure they can't fly, by trimming their wings or putting a roof over their pen or something.
    One other thing I just learned myself, is that as they get older they need to have a lower protein feed. More experienced goose people can tell you better what protein amount they will need at what age.
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    May 30, 2012
    thanks for the reply think i scared ppl off with my thread : )
    Ye i have been trying too find out the law on it here

    If it is legal too keep them and i do will need more advise as too general care for geese i read they needed worming

    will get some pics on here if it turns out i can keep them
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    You don't want to worm young goslings, water fowl are very resistant to worms if kept in clean quarters and fed a proper diet. You don't want to medicate unless you have to. And [​IMG]
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