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12 Years
Apr 18, 2007
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Gosling hatched yesterday seemed fine was coming along and now is gasping. Had poop stuck to his but and I cleaned that off but still as umbilical chord stump on stomach. Is gasping every breath it seems. Took q-tip and water and tried to make sure nostrils were clear - dipped beak in water. He shook his head... did this several times.

He got weak tired of this so I put him back in nest- momma seems to step on him as she is trying to hatch the others.

Any ideas???
It apparenlty just died......

Went to check nest and he is laying in there not moving and she has hatched 2 - is on and off nest while another is hatching and I managed to reach in there while she was gone for a sec and he was totally limp.... looks like he didn't make it.
It's so hard to say what is wrong, or if anything IS wrong with a brand new hatchling.

Take the gosling out and put it in a brooder in the house, very warm and clean (to protect the navel). They are exhausted after fighting their way out of those eggs. Usually they do not need much food or water in the first two days after hatch. This way you'll give it the best chance you can, in case it is simply exhausted and stressed. Drip some water with a little sugar in it's bill with an eye dropper to perk it up and then keep it warm and dry.
He didn't make it -- I think he got squished..... dang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so mad and sad.
Now another is hatching she has 2 - 2 day olds in there running amuck and one hatching right now...... do I leave that one in there to get SQUISHED?? She has 4 more eggs too....... they are all viable...... YIKES!!!

I would just take the hatched kids away and put them in a brooder. Depending on how warm it is there you could use a 75 to 100 watt bulb. Not to close as they may get to hot. Sorry about your other gosling. Do you have an incubator that you could take the other eggs away and hatch them instead of leaving them under the goose. They don't mean to squish them but some are not good hatchers.
I don't have an incubator - I can get one this evening though.... I think from tractor supply - I have no idea how to work one.

When they hatch and come out wet in the nest --- do I remove them THEN or wait until they get fluffy and dry and then put them in a box w/ bulb?

Do they start eating right away when they hatch or will it take them a couple of days?

I don't want to screw the older kids up taking them in -

I don't want to lose the new kids leaving them out -

I don't want to lose the new kids taking them in -

I don't know exactly what to do ............. UGH!!

Nanna is tired and STARVING! This is crap - they are taking 48 hours now to hatch and there are 4 eggs left that are not even chipped but are alive!
Starting to feel like I never should have done this!!!!!!!! Sad..... Depressed and worried.

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