gosling info please


15 Years
Jan 7, 2009
Sand Coulee MT
At what age can goslings leave the parents and be ok in a new home with out heat? Ive raised the adults from chicks bought at the feed store so i know how to do that but i dont know when to separate the young from the parents raising them.
I have a lady who wants a pair of my babies but she wants to wait till they are feathered out. I dont believe i want to hold them that long.
At what age do the parents expect the babies to move on or will they stay a family unit as long as they are togethor?
These are africans that hatched June 25
Wild geese don't separate until AT LEAST the gosling is fully feathered and able to fly, usually after they migrate.

Goslings can leave the parents without heat when the feathers start coming in I think. The more geese = the less heat also

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