Goslings are four weeks old and need to go back in with their parents, but with no heat lamp?!


Apr 18, 2015
So i have two Goslings, one of which my two toulouse geese hatched themselves, and another roman tufted i bought so their baby could have a friend.

Now, because of circumstance, they have to go back in with their parents at only 4 weeks old, but with no heat lamp?? There is no power to their coupe, so it is not an option to do a heat lamp, will their parents keep them warm or. . . ? What should i do?
It gets about 50 degrees at night. I found a way to run power, and i put a heat lamp in there, but only had a regular light bulb, Should this be okay??
Thanks for your help, i appreciate it! :)

But i ended up caving and having my mom run me to town to get a real bulb. I couldnt chance anything happening to these babes.

Have the adults accepted them? they sure are pretty,

Thank you! And they sure have, thank goodness. I re introduced them a couple weeks ago and had them in there a few hours a day before moving them in totally so they are all buds, thankfully. :)

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