Goslings feathering out?

Ms Ellen

14 Years
Aug 8, 2008
Hi goose people! I have 4 week old African goslings and they are loosing the fuzz on their backs but I don't see any feathers yet. Is this a normal part of feathering out or is there something wrong? They seem otherwise healthy and active. These are the first goslings I have raised.
Are they by chance picking on each other? Are they able to graze? If they are not able to graze they could be picking feathers out of boredom. My five week old goslings have never had bare patches. Maybe someone with more experience can answer.
Thanks. Helpful to know what is and is not normal. They are grazing only about 2 hours a day total. I think it may be time to leave them in the out door pen in the day. There are only two.
For comparison:
My embden-type gosling is three weeks old today. She has grown white down all over her body and wings, and feathers are starting to show on her shoulders, wings, lower back and tail. She weighs 4 pounds. This is what she looked like two days ago:

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