Goslings Hatching - Day 3!


12 Years
Apr 18, 2007
Nanna started hatchin at 3pm on Sunday. It will be 48 hours this afternoon.

The first hatched gosling is running all around. The others are all at different stages and slower. One is pecking through egg right now. She has 3 so far that I can tell.

At what point do they need water? I put a chick waterer near the nest but the runner doesn't seem to go near it - he pecks at the grass and runs down the hill/nest and back up again. He's crazy!

Sav-A-Chik was recommended to me to put in the water - 1 plk / gallon.

Should I put a shallow pan of water in there so when he runs in and out he will see it?

What about feed - I have some Mazzuri crumble starter for them - is now the time to put it in?

Nanna has to be dying of thirst - should I try to sneek her some food and water?? If she doesn't kill me.
Put a pan of water close by so she can get some. It should not be shallow enough that the little guy can get in and drown. If you can get your hands on #1 you can dip his bill in the chick waterer and show him the starter. Just use an egg carton bottom to hold the feed at this point. It is low, has greater stability and is disposable. If mom can reach it she would probably appreciate it.

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