goslings picking on backs


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Apr 26, 2009
Eastern Pennsylvania
New to geese. I have 8 white chinese in a brooder box at night. In the daytime they are following me around with farm chores or safely grazing in a giant dog crate I keep moving around outside my chicken coops. They are one week old yesterday. Two days ago one goose started picking the feathers on his own back and on two others... Now others are doing it. I've got three with balding backs. They do it in the brooder box for the most part - not outdoors...I have adjusted heat lamp in box, checked temp, given them grass clippings, and even sorted the most aggressive picker in the box by inserting hardware cloth and letting his see his people, but not pick at them.

Any ideas?
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They need more space to run around in at night. They get borred and believe me geese will test anything to chew on (they are like any toddler) Give them more space and see what happens

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