8 Years
May 1, 2011
we currently have 2 baby africans, and one always licks, bites, idk what but the other geese always has a wet back, when they lay next to each other the one is always nibbleing on the back or tail and its constantly wet is this bad will she loose her fluff?
The other one will lose the fluff, you need to give them some outside time so the one has something more productive to nibble on. It's bored and has nothing to chew on so it's chewing on its brooder-buddy.
I let them outside 2 hours a day, hour in morn and hour in afternoon, there only 2 weeks old, to young to go out by them selves but i dont have more time to give cause of a job... and its not like it goes out if its way to nibble its only when they lay next to each other, there in a coop with chickens (actuallly an old horse stall) and its like 10 feet by 20 or 30 feet so its not small by anymeans!
Where do you live? I usually move mine outside around 2 weeks old, they stay out all the time then. Maybe put some grass clippings or hay in there so they have something to occupy themselves with?
lots of hay left from winter, live in minnesota gets around 50 at night here or so, but they have no feathers i would be scared they wont come back. ill try and out clippings in there tomm, its weird they been doing this for 2 weeks and her skin isnt red or irritated yet, and we have only 2 one is still peeping, the other almost sounds like a duck sometimes, or when its laying down next to me it sounds like its purring or grunting idk how to explain it does this mean its a male? the beak on it is completely black the other has a lighter tip on the beak, or is it to young to tell?
O and its free range here with coons at night so i dont think its safe to leave them out yet either!

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