Got 1 hen left, got 9 chicks coming. Need opinions please


9 Years
Apr 13, 2010
Upstate, NY
Im going to make this short & sweet. I have 1 hen left (around 6 years old). Her buddy hen died last week & now shes all alone. I ordered 10 four week old chicks.

Do you think I need a big integration/ separation thing going or is it probably not going to be a big issue integrating a bunch of chicks with one hen?
I know she is lonely. These hens were my pets & I didn't feel right just giving her anybody, so, I decided to get another small flock.

I really wanted to avoid separating her from the chicks if it was possible, but I'm just not sure what to do. If I had a flock of hens it would be different..but one hen?? I don't know......

What do you think??
You are going to have to separate them somehow. Unless she is broody she will attack the newcomers invading her territory. It is just the way birds are. And the chicks will need a heat source too.
ugh-- well maybe Im just going to have to put them in the run during the day & bring them in at night into a brooder for 2-3 weeks.

I do have a heat lamp in the coop, but the adult hen would probably be overheated if I did that..I don't have separate coops, just one & the hen free ranges.
This is actually good because it will be easier for them (with so many). I'd let them see each other and probably introduce them to her a little young (they will have formed a flock and you don't want them her size beating her up).

I'd probably introduce three of them and see how they do with her.

When you introduce cleanout the coop and rearrange everything. You want it to be a neutral area, change it as much as possible add things etc!
hi Laurie
did your little flock become a family?
i know they really do miss thier buddies.
im in windsor btw
i saw your post as i was scrolling the ny forum.

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