Got a new banter and the temps are stable!!


14 Years
Jan 20, 2008
Ithaca NY
After spending almost a week trying to make the first banter work, I finally took it back to the chicken farmer who loaned it to me. He gave me another (plus a second homemade one) this one (also a LG forced air- actually the first one was a forced air also, only I didn't know it because the fan wasn't working)

Anyway it only took a few hours and we have stable temps in the LG of 100 degrees!! Yeah!! I may actually be able to hatch these eggs out after all.

Eggs were shipped today, (over 50 coming) so still have plenty of time to tweak anything that may need tweaking. So glad I gave myself lots of extra time to get things going.

For a change I don't have a question to ask,
just wanted to let you all know we are finally good to go and I appreciate all your support thus far.

Thanks again everyone!!

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