Got empty wire spools? Here's an idea!


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Feb 27, 2008
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Here is a picture of it without the doors installed. These are recycled wire spools (FREE!) from the electric company. We used 5 foot biddy wire, but I think it would work out better if you can find the 6 foot wire. That way, the middle section will be larger. If interested, I will post pictures of the final product.

We've made two of these so far and still have wire left over. I plan to put pigeons and small bantams in the pens.

Spools = Free
Scrap wood = Free
5' Roll of wire = $45.00
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Well, that's why I said that the 6 foot wire would work better. The space is just over a foot tall in the center. Probably try a pair of pigeon in there, but if they can't stand up, I'll probably just use it for storage... or whatever!
I absolutely love this! What a great idea for Seramas! They are so little, one spool would probably be enough! I've also thought of some OEGB and this is just their size! I wonder how hard it would be to run a ramp down in between the two spools?
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