Got illegal chickens?


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I completely understand that you can neither confirm or deny anything and it's actually a "friend," not you. What's it like? What made you decide to just do it? How close are your neighbors? How long have you been illegal?

Looks like it'll be a "no" with the BOD in my subdivision. I don't want to be illegal, but chickens are so darn cute and the eggs would be a bonus. A neighbor, whose DH was on the HOA committee, suggested that I should just try it anyway. IDK. I was planning on having 3 birds and they would not be free ranging on a regular basis. Our neighbors are about 20-30 ft away on both sides and open space behind us.
Just call them Asian Ground Parrots and no one will know.
How private is your yard? Could a coop/run be concealed? (an ark might work better so you could move it around)
What is your relationship like w/ your neighbors?
Maybe Bantams would be easier to keep under the radar ???

Warning: Hen's "egg songs" can be loud!
I agree with zazouse and Silkies don't fly...they pretty much don't even look like a chicken...and their fuzzy...who doesn't love fuzzy little animals.
I've had both silkies and cochins, from a distance both can be accidentally thought of as little dogs, I took a little MF cochin to the pet store for a kitty harness and leash, a lady can up to and wanted to pet my unusually colored dog, till Cloudy picked up her head, that lady was surprised to find a chicken not a dog, not upset just surprised


Okay your killing me..lmao

its great fun to take a chicken to a pet store, Cloudy is my all around hen, a mascot, she loves to ride in a car, get held and petted like a dog.

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