Got my first Green Egg


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Mar 20, 2008
Got another egg today too. I got seven eggs off my white bird "Goldilocks" and now these two off my green hen.He has been a busy boy haha. I am gonna stick them all in the bator tommorrow, If the green hen lays more I want to see if she sits at least. I still dont want any to hatch chicks in the pen out of fear they may kill my ducks and the quacker babies running around.
Yay Goldilocks is laying!!! Goldilocks's brother Frosty is busy not displaying and running away from a young little peacock so it sounds like his sisters are doing much better than he is.

What about Youngun what is he up to?
Boy is she, Younger boy is just chillin, Im gonna stick the pea eggs in a bator in just a sec once I transfer some almost fixing to hatch goose eggs to the hatcher so I have room.. I had 3 elliots, 4 canadas,8 red crested pochards 8 diff treeducks(mainly fulvous) and some other odds and ends ducks that I dont know what they are all hatch out at once of all! Had my hands full today.I was just gonna leave em all in the pen but with that late cold snap had to bring em inside the house and put the little buggers in a bin.. The ducklings were starting to die. Only lost one though and have the baby canadas in an outside brooder as of now with a heat lamp
Wow you are going to have quite the assortment of chicks this year! Which of your birds would you say is the most popular as far as demand? I was just wondering. One person nearby tells me the red goldens are popular sellers.
Thanks Kathy. Yea.Its all stuff I dont really want but my friends may. The popular ones are Mandarins for ducks. Red goldens for pheasants. Probably cause these have the most color for the lowest price.
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