Got my new Hova-Bator Genesis today!


12 Years
Oct 31, 2007
West Melbourne, Florida
I just plugged it in to get running:)! The eggs I am hatching are Muscovy X Pekin. So how long should they be in the bator for and when should I stop turning them? I know Muscovy eggs hatch in about 35 days and Pekin sooner. So what about the cross? I will be putting them in as soon as the incubator is ready. And I have read that you arent supposed to open the bator during the incubation...But I will still need to fill the water on the bottom? SO is that a problem?
I am soooo still waiting for mine to get here. Any day now....I hope.
Yes they work pretty nicely, we have 2 of them we been messing around with for awhile from last year.

I know the one we had to up the dip switch on ,as the temp was below on the factory setting, double check yours, but they do work nice.


these do not need to be opened to let fresh air in, the fan pulls fresh air in through openings in the bator..Even still air bators dont need to be opened for air.

enjoy your bator they are fun..

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How often do I need to open it to let fresh air in? Is when I turn them, candle them, and adding water fine? I left it set at 100 degrees. And I did find where Muscovy cross ducks are 32 day hatch. I think it should be at 99.5. .5 shouldnt make too much of a difference....should it?
Let us know how it goes!! Did you know that any duck crossed with a muscovey will result in a sterile baby? I had different ducks mixed together and found that out so I am getting rid of my muscovey hen. That type of cross is like a donkey and horse. You get the mule but they cant reproduce. That is nice for people who dont want thier duck hatching ducklings. Jenn

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