Got Our First Bantam Egg!

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    Aug 4, 2008
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    I went out to check on the new chicks that have been moved into the Bantam coop, however, the bantam coop is pretty new with our first round of chicks being pullets of just about laying age. I want to say they are about 17-18 weeks, but honestly have lost count with so much going on and so many hatchings!

    So today I threw some feed out, picked up and checked the chicks for any signs of being beat on. Everyone looked good, was about to close up and walk away when I saw a tiny cream colors surprise! My first bantam size egg from my Japanese Bantams! [​IMG]

    It was so cute to line it up next to a silkie egg, and then those both next to a regular large egg from a RIR. WOW! Its so cute, I'm going to hardboil it tomorrow and give it to my 3 year old for breakfast. She's going to go nuts over! She loves EVERYTHING that is tiny, because she says it is "Zoe Sized". [​IMG]
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  2. lillypug

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    Mar 21, 2010
    Awwww! When we our OEG girls lay, I always think small children would love those tiny eggs. Soooooo cute! LOL
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    My nieces LOVE the tiny eggs my bantams lay for the same reason, they are "Maggie and Evie" size eggs. Congrats!

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