Got Temporary Emus!!

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    Jun 8, 2010
    The rains began about a month ago, just as the breeding-season began. Before the first rain, I had record numbers of emus at the fig tree. They were so hungry they were eating its leaves.
    Then, as I noted, my two (female) birds forsook me. For a lonely fortnight, I didn't see a single emu. (A local tells me that they 'flock up' in breeding-season. I'm unsure yet.) Then a clutch of chicks turned up in the house-clearing, where the best feed within miles is to be found. Next day, Mr. and Mrs. Eric the Emu turned up. I looked up from my gardening to see two emus looking at me over the fence. I fed them (and they ate a lot of a fruit we call 'lilly pillies'). Contrary to the breed-and-bolt theory, these two have been an item for over two years.

    Then, about an hour ago, I was reading in the sunshine; heard booming; and looked up to see Greedy the Emu standing by the carport looking expectant. When I got up, I saw her boy emu, who then bolted into the gum trees, and is standing out there now, waiting for her.

    The dialogue must go something like this:

    Greedy the Girl Emu: 'Well, I'm gonna mosey on down to the People Place and get a bowl of yummy wheat.'

    Boy Emu: 'What!? The People Place? Are you crazy? You'll get shot!'

    Greedy: 'Shot? Yeh, whatever. Anyway, you can come or not. I'm going.'

    What are the bets on how often my two birds will 'check in' during their first mating-season? Wheat is good, but breeding is better.

    Supreme Emu
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    Nov 19, 2008
    At least she's done the right thing and brought her boy home for an introduction. [​IMG]
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    Mar 21, 2010
    So glad they're back. Animals remember where they've got it good. [​IMG]

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