Got to see one of my chicken lay another egg!


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Sep 27, 2012
Awesome experience of watching one of my hens lay an egg. First they are really happy, then they get all quit and stand straight up, then the egg comes out
, then the chicken gets out of the nest and starts boasting to his other chicken friends!
I love watching eggs being laid, don't all of us?
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I just saw one a few weeks ago - it was SO cool! And same thing - they have a little party and announce it to the neighborhood.

I wonder what it's like for them the first few times it happens - poor dears must be a little freaked out. I guess being female I'm rather in sympathy and the idea of going through that practically every day! Yikes!
Today all four of my hens wanted to lay at the same time (a challenge considering they all have to lay in the same nest box!) So Buttercup, my Buff Orpington, finished first and comes out of the coop...but all of her friends were still in the coop. Buttercup wants to sing the egg song, but the other girls were busy and who wants to sing with no audience? So Buttercup came up on the porch, up on the step and looked in the sliding glass door...saw the cat looking at her, and began to sing her egg song. It was the cutest thing! She sang for about three minutes straight, as loud as can be...about halfway through I came into the room to get a better look (and was hoping she would quiet down...chickens under the radar here!) Nope, she saw me and the volume went UP. I had to laugh...normally she is shy but when it comes to the egg song, she is our diva! Here's a picture of the next American Idol

ha ha ha! That is great love it when they boast about there eggs! My neighbours don't though!!

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