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Jul 25, 2011
purchased gqf incubator sportsman 1202/1502 can not find tag to say which one. it has 3 of the trays that turn, what I wanted to know can one tray be removed to use as hatching tray since this incubator does not have one. very nice incubator just no hatching tray and was thinking if I could use one of the three for this purpose. Just wanted to make sure removing a tray will not do any harm to the unit. No more chickens than I have two trays plenty for hatching, not enough room at the bottom to add anything tried that already. Thanks to anyone with any suggestions.
By all means, use on of the upper trays as your hatch tray. It does not make any difference in the turning system. I have a GQF, I bet yours is a 1502.
1502 has a hatching tray on the bottom. Stromburgs hatchery has discriptions of the different incubators and I remember one that didn't have a hatching tray. It was meant to be used with a separate hatching machine. That hatching machine is used in conjunction with up to three of the incubators like yours by large hatcheries.
It sounds just like mine. I posted pics of it on here and was told it was a #1266. I am in the process of my first hatch & I am planning on taking out the middle tray during lockdown & using the bottom tray for hatching. I want to be able to see better that is why I am removing the second ( middle) tray.

Here is a picture of my incubator:

I took the bottom rack off of mine, and use a small cardboard box in the bottom for a hatcher.. I plan to put it back and rearrange all 3 shelves so I can have 3 turners and still have a bottom hatcher.. but it's going to take a little finagling to make it work

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