Grackles give me hackles!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Kjukkjuk, Jun 23, 2016.

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    So I've just gotten a handle on the rodents (word has spread that if you come slinking around my coops you're gonna get snapped!) and now the fates mock me with a feakin' flock of grackles!?!? Why oh why!? Really I don't care why I just want to not have to stand out there like an idiot with a hose in the morning spraying them when they come close... for an hour... and then as soon as I go inside they come back cackling... I mean grackeling... *sigh* So a fake owl? Really? I once saw a dove or maybe it was a pigeon squatting on top of a fake owl's head and it was just sad. Fishing line? I could string it up like some sort of James Bond movie trap and hope it doesn't decapitate me the minute I forget about it. Maybe little mylar streamers? It'd be like a rave in my backyard... but different.
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    Love your post! Our wild bird issue is those **** house wrens, form Europe, and they can go back anytime! Maybe keeping everyone in for a while? No food outside of the coop and run. Covered run to keep birds out. Target practice? Mary
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    Your grackles (I assume Common Grackle) are likely at this time achored to breeding colony. Once all chicks fledge they will become much more mobile during the day as they form larger flocks. That will not hold if you are near a summer roost where young of year congregate upon leaving natal colonies.
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    yes, the common grackle as well as some cowbirds too i think... i moved all the food and treats into the covered run area and that seemed to help but then the bulk of them seem to have moved on with a few stragglers now and then...

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