Graft older baby ducks onto a young mother hen

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8 Years
Sep 18, 2011
Hi. Can I graft my 3~ week old Ducklings to my bantam cochin (broody)? She's been sitting for 3 days (Officially broody for 2 days) and I have no need for chicks now... but I hate seeing her there with some unhatchable Golf Balls. Are the ducks too old to like her or too big for her to recognize as her "chicks?".

The ducks are too old, they will nor recognize her as mommy- that is 1-3 days after the shell is piped for mallard types, more for the other water foul.

They will run away from her and drive her batty tring to protect them when they think she's going to eat them.

oh well. they both have comfy homes so in the meantime our cochin will sit on golf balls until we can find her some eggs. we actually have a chicken friend who is hatching some of our eggs with the bator we leant her. maybe we can swap them with the golf balls...

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