Grain Bin converted to coop


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Oct 24, 2011
South Central South Dakota
I have taken a smaller grain bin and converted it to a coop. I will insulate the walls soon, as well as painting the outside white. I used an old house door (with windows) for the front door, and removed the lower panel so the birds can get in and out easily. Above the door is a small opening for added air flow, a screen and fan will be put here. There is also a vent at the top of the bin. I used a tree with branches for the roost. I bolted refrigerator vegetable drawers to the walls, a simple wire removed allows me to clean the boxes any time with ease. I have suspended 6 (2 stacks of 3) rabbit cages 36"x30"x18" with cardboard covering the wire floors, so I can pen up several different age group chicks (as I'm planning on hatching about 35-50 chicks per month + guinea chicks. So far, this has worked like a charm, and I have less then 10 bucks invested in the entire thing. The only draw back (if one can call it that) is the bin (without insulation) seems to amplify the roosters voice, and he sure seems to enjoy crowing in there. Good thing the nearest neighbor is 5 miles away.


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Jan 12, 2007
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I have a friend that did that with her chickens and she let it free ranged because it DOES get HOT during the summer and cold in the winter. In the winter, she would would line the straw bales like three walls around the coop to keep them warm and they love it.

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