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11 Years
My forum status says I'm a new egg but I've been here quite awhile. I am still a new egg because I haven't made that many posts. My heart swells with love whenever I am near chickens or see chickens or even see a picture of a chicken. But as any chicken person knows, when you lose a chicken to a predictor or to circumstances, heartbreak follows. It wasn't very long after I joined BYC forum that I went through that heartbreak and until now, it was too painful to visit this forum.

But we are now trying to build our next chicken coop so we can get chickens this spring. I had Bantams before. such sweet little chickens and so smart. I could watch them for hours and enjoy every minute of it. This time I want to try some different breeds. P. Allen Smith has a favorite chicken which he adores and it was black and white mottled looking. Not sure of its breed. I want good egg layers this time so I may go with Rhode Island Reds. I am getting very excited and my husband says I am finally starting to enjoy life again, even laughing once in a while. Which is true. I have missed having chickens -- hearing their gentle clucking, watching their beautiful shapes move around the yard, visiting them during the day and saying goodnight to them each evening.
Hi, glad you joined in
Glad your joining in with the posts. I was quiet the first few years as well.
from Washington State glad you joined us!
I feel the same way you do about chickens, I just hate when our hearts have to break!

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