Granny's gone and done it again


Isn't it Amazing?
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May 7, 2012
Sonoma County, CA
Morning all, Pleasant surprise for me this am. I woke at 5 and checked on Tom .He was snoring away so I went back to bed. Well, at 10 I woke to him standing in my room, no walker, boot on right and he had already took his meds and shot. He helped ME up and went and made coffee ! All with that silly grin on his face.
Good! Sounds like the antibiotics are working.

Why where are you going?
And does tom not understand if he doesn’t let robert help he could end back up in the hospital or rehab. Is he that confused?
Maybe not so much confused as proud and stubborn.
I don't know anyone like that, do you? :rolleyes:

I went to big lots today to just look at chairs. Got stuck in one. Literally . My loving son stood there and laughed at me for a good 10 mins. While I begged him to please go get someone. He finally came over and got the foot rest down. Nope, wont be buying any chairs from there.
Yeah, but was it comfortable? :D

Trying out this new format on my phone. So far, not too bad. 🐦🧸🗿 Way too many emojis. I could get very annoying with these! Nitey-night!

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