Granny's gone and done it again


Feb 23, 2019
SE Wisconsin
Don't know either, but I declined it. Glad I did after what you said. Were you able to turn it off?

Do you have a community college near? You can take classes there for two years and then transfer to a 4 yr college. The first two years of college are usually just glorified high school anyway (general ed classes). No need for ACT or SAT if you do well in your classes. Talk to a school counselor. Most kids study for college entrance exams. You can take them more than once... scores usually improve the second time.
These days 4 yrs colleges need ACT scores, they don't look at SATs so much anymore, just opposite from when I went to college. A technical college or junior college (2 yr degree schools) don't require ACT scores, just GED or high school transcripts. They might have an entrance exam to see where to place you in classes.
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