Granny's gone and done it again


Oct 10, 2016
Southern Ohio
And this guy is a breeder? :gig
supposedly his wife checked them and he was going by what she said. But he's been around them so why not double check before you sell them? I knew from the get go what mine were. I mean how do you mistake balls for anything but a boy?

Morning all, Alley, glad your baby is better. Almost time for update pics ??
I have a soured stomach or food poisoning . Yayy me.... snow and ice on the ramp and I need to take Tom to drs today. Robert said to wake him and he would clean the walk .
I just got done bottle feeding the one. I'm getting ready to go back up there with water so I'll snap some more pics. They are hard to get good shots cause they are always moving. These were from last night, I've been locking all the babies up together so the bottle baby has company. Its helped so shes not so scared of them.


Edit to add: the black kid and white are 5 weeks and the 2 brown are 4 weeks. Bottle baby was born the same day as the black and white kids. Supposedly.
77 here, we need rain.
I'll send it your way. We were flooded yesterday and now everything is frozen.
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