Granny's gone and done it again


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Feb 1, 2010
Southern Virginia
I did go out and check the chickens. Some were sitting out in the rain, so I moved them
Hi, Cap, pretty good, thanks. PT went well. I can tell shoulder is improving already. Slept through the night last night for the first time in ... quite a while, actually. Hopefully can get it better without surgery, that would be awesome!
Yeah, surgery is pretty much the last resort as far as I can see. No guarantees.


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Mar 5, 2019
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I went out and put up some wet chickens. The lights were out due to the rain. Everything all shut up. Glad I went, I don't like to leave them out there wet.
Yes, I've noticed they don't seem to be all that bright about going inside during bad weather. Mine went about their business perfectly calmly one day while a tornado passed by about a mile away. In the wind and rain. Go figure.

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