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Apr 23, 2015
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I wear a mask out of respect and any percentage is better than nothing...BUT I also know that the actual efficacy of the masks is very minimal. I have lots of friends and family in the medical field. Each mask has different uses, and none of them should be reused to the extent that many people are using them right now. With all of that said, I don't feel so adamantly about going without a mask that I'm willing to argue with anyone over it. :idunno
:hugs I wear my mask for people like yourself. I'm not trying to scare anyone and if it makes someone more comfortable, then who am I to deny them that comfort in these stress filled times. I don't think anyone is trying to be mean right now, whether you wear one or not, people are just afraid and the news has been creating a significant amount of division. "The people that DO agree with you and the people that DON'T agree with you" I feel like this has been in regards to the virus, politics, everything lately. I have a healthy respect for the virus and I'm definitely not trying to catch it. I mostly practice careful hygiene and distancing. Curb side pickup is my best friend, lol. Everyone in my immediate family is high risk other than my daughter right now, so I understand.
Yes, it's supposed to help as a preventative too. Doubt that it gives complete protection, but supposedly people don't get as severe a case.

My issue with the masks is that people put one on and think it's a protective talisman or something. Then they get right up in your personal space instead of keeping 6 away. Safest thing is to keep a big space and don't breathe anyone's air. The masks might be better than nothing, but not by much.
I don’t see the protective as much. I can totally see how it can help contain droplets etc.
Sorry star but my freedumbs (as you put it ) are very important to me. My forefathers fought and died for the rights and freedoms we enjoy. I believe in the Constitution and the bill of rights.
See here’s my thought. Constitution and bill of rights go for life and liberty FOR ALL. what point do you start doing what helps your neighbors at a mild inconvenience for you? At what point does the collective matter?

alright. Enough of this crap. Chicken talk! My chickens are turds. We got home yesterday and I gave them some free ranging time. Out they ran and as it got to be dusk I went in to do the head count. 11. Wait. Who are we missing? After a few counts and stuff I realized it was my other Lorp and my blue pullet.
Now where the heck. Look around the run. No signs of feathers. Look up by the palm trees, under hubs’ work truck, under the motorhome and under a table the older girls Hide out under. No sign of them. Hubs comes and helps me look. Nope. Nothing. About to give up and we found them. Dust bathing in the “compost” planter right next to the coop. Little brats. Past their bedtime!!


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Dec 31, 2014
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Sorry star but my freedumbs (as you put it ) are very important to me. My forefathers fought and died for the rights and freedoms we enjoy. I believe in the Constitution and the bill of rights.
So do I H2oratt. This country was built on the bones of patriots. Never forget that they shed blood and died for what we have today.

Talking to an Amish neighbor one day I asked them if they celebrated the 4th of July or Veterans day and they said no. I told them they should because people fought and died so they could come here and be Amish without persecution for their religious beliefs. No response to that, sad.

Morning everyone! Did Sunday with very little internet and loved it. So nice to just lounge on the sofa and watch tv and work on my quilt as you go project.

Cold here today but the sun is out so nice for winter.


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Feb 1, 2010
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Good morning everyone. Goal today is to clean out the half of the hoop coop that needs it. I may cut a clean out door in the end because there's no easy access to that end. I added a divider after I finished the coop but didn't make an outside door. Once I sold the guineas, I didn't need that much space for one group.
What does everyone else have planned today?

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Sep 26, 2013
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ohh I hate making this post. Yall just dont know.
I think instead of talking about masks that are leading into politics we all should just drop it. Theres a reason politics are not discussed here. I do believe we all want the same thing regardless of how its worded . Im not even going to debate the right and wrong of it. Because it will lead to hurt feelings and that matters more to me then anything else.
So please , lets get back to everything else and drop this matter. Thanks

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