Granny's gone and done it again


Free Ranging
5 Years
Apr 23, 2015
Sunny SoCal
Hey Teach! It was a good day. Its a scissortail rasbora . Hows you ?
Love me some rasporas. I had emerald eye rasporas back in the day.

Goose almost ran this guy over

I have the ceiling fan running and he had Great Concern.

I’m hanging in there. Kinda mad at myself I didn’t get around to doing any work from home this weekend but...Friday was a write off, Saturday was...well. Migraine hangover day? I felt better but still run over by a truck feeling if that makes sense. I tried taking goose for a walk and didn’t get far. Today was better...but the spirit didn’t move me so it didn’t happen. Though I did get some laundry done and some laundry folded so win I guess?

I get to work tomorrow. Hubs is stealing my truck so he can go pick up his garage door for the shop near la. No more tarp! Sooo...I’ll be a brat and just do a half day in the office.
Though I may have to do five days a week just for January/feb to get all the “housekeeping” done. I’ve also got a bunch of reports to run that...although I can do them from home, for some reason it takes for freaking ever...and I mean for-ever. So my Friday’s may not be sacred for much longer.

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