Granny's gone and done it again


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Feb 1, 2010
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Poor Ashton, my little grandson that lives here, got real sick again. They hurried him to the Drs last night around 8:30. He's coughing so hard that he throws up. That non stop cough, worse than his last cold/cough. Dr said, he'll probably be sick until summer. :/ Day care. Plus this bug is going around. :(. Not so sure I liked what the doc had to say, but talked with the pharmacist while out today, he says it's going around all right, and that his kids have been sick for a month with it. I like pharmacist's. They're pretty knowledgeable, and see what's going on. Told me that Zyrtec helps dry the cough. My son and daughter in-law already have him on an allergy med. It's just going to take time,'s so sad!!
I hope he recovers quickly!

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