Grapes are great

Teri Metcalf

6 Years
Aug 22, 2013
College Station, Texas
This morning about a half dozen of our girls were waiting patiently at our back door for some sort of handout. I was getting ready to compost some over-ripe grapes, so I just tossed the fruit out on the lawn. After a frantic scramble, each of them marched away proudly with a green grape in her beak. Of course the others heard the ruckus and soon came for their fair share of the booty.
Mine love corn, i peel the cernals off the cob for the and they will fly up on my lap just to get some. :)
The few times we've had corn-on-the-cob this summer, we gave the cobs to the girls. They pecked away at those cobs, getting every last kernel, until there was hardly anything left. And then the squirrels came along and found even more to eat.
This morning it was papaya scraps. After paring & seeding a section of a particularly sweet papaya, I cut the peel into 1-2 inch sections, and put them out on the grass, seeds & all. After a 15 minute feeding frenzy, everything was gone--skin, flesh, seeds and all. I wonder if these girls have a sweet tooth.

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