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Jun 9, 2011
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There are wild grape vines growing all over our woods, including in the chicken yard. Today, my mom and I were picking grapes for the chickens off of the vine at the center of the run, when we looked over and noticed Diana was eyeing the vine from atop the dogloo/boat. I just happened to have my camera on hand when all this went down...
Cast (in order of appearance): Natalie, Diana, and Freema the barred rocks, Cressida the Easter-Egger, Cricket the barred rock; special appearaces by Corella and Tyto to show how high off the ground those crazy pullets were

Oh, what's that up there?

Mmmmm, wild grapes!!

Wait, what's THAT?!

Oh, it's just Diana!

...And friends!

Looks like we've lost Cressy.

Freema's branching out.

Look how high we are!!

...How high did you say we were..?

I think I'm gonna be sick...

...Oh look! More grapes!!

Hey guys, save some for me!!

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