GRAPHIC PICS!. What the heck is this?


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I noticed yesterday blood running down one of my hens legs. Her name is Angel....then I found this on the back of her leg just above her knee.. Any ideas? She is still alive. I think it might have been a bot fly larva. Yesterday this wound was red and fleshy and today black and crusty. the blood has stopped. so I think the parasite has left. (?) I noticed strange behavior in her prior. She would seem to sleep too much. When to bed earlier than all the others and was not interested in being waddled and I am guessing not laying eggs. her comb lost its color and flopped over. She walks fine and today is as normal and happy. I checked all my other ladies and they have nothing wrong.

It looks like a wound that got infested with flies. Have you cleaned it out with soap and water, weak betadine, or hydrogen peroxide? Then spray it with water. It needs some neosporin or other antibiotic cream with no painkiller in it. It should heal up if the flies are kept off since flystrike with maggots can kill. She might need to be kept inside for the flies. If you think it is infected you could put her on some penicillin or amoxicillin.
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Just use the hydrogen peroxide once since it may delay healing with repeated use. If you need to clean it later just use soap and water.

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