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Aug 18, 2013
Co Mayo. Ireland
I have a question please
I am moving my hens next week To better area of the garden.
They will have a lot more space to roam freely
The space is made up of clover.
How will I know if my hens are eating too much?
Or will they just stop when full?
Thank you xxx
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Thank you both very much for replying.

I'm quite new at keeping chickens,tho as a child we always had chickens.

The run that I have is very very muddy and it really really annoys me lol

Not too sure if it annoys my hens or not.

I put fresh straw down a lot but we live in Ireland and it is always raining here, so the straw gets wet and it either disintegrates or I rake it up and put fresh straw down, it's really time consuming and we go through so much straw as well.

Any advice would be gratefully received here

Thank you x
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I"m in the pacific northwest. Probably not as rainy as you, but plenty. I just have part of the run covered to give them a dry area and the rest is just muddy. The coop is dry also. They choose to be in or out, I don't have a door between the two. They hang out in the dry area a lot, but love scratching for worms after it rains!
Hi Donrae,
Thank you for replying.
I think I will have to put half of the run under cover.
My chicks have access to their coop but rarely go into it of a day, they love to scratch about.
It has to be raining quite heavily for my chicks to go inside, but they're Irish hahaha

Thanks again x
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