grass fertilizer?

I assume that you are talking about organic grass fertilizer, Justino!

I can understand why they'd eat what I've got. It's processed from "poultry by-products, feather meal, blood meal, etc." Really, it's the whole darn bird - probably, old laying hens.

However, I'm NOT going to let my birds eat it!!

i dont know if its organic but my dad just put it on the lawn where they free range......should i just keep em locked up tommorow?
I would lock them up until U find out what was used. Some grass fertlizer has many different chemicals! A good rain will help it soak on down.
I don't let our hens eat any of our grass clippings for at least a week or several good watering's after fertilizing. maybe I'm just over protective but half the point of raising chickens is to make sure we have chemical free eggs and birds.
well, we turned on the sprinklers for a while.....ill check the label but this is their last day to go out for a week and i hate to keep em locked up
dumb dad shoulda just waited
well its been like 24 hours now and the sprinklers were on 3 times to soak it....its still all wet so do u think its ok? in the past ive waited 2 days but this is their last day since im leaving at noon

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