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    One of my girls was acting "off". She was staying behind the crowd, and seemed like she just wanted to find out of the way, dark, "alone" time. Just days before I had seen some posts on BYC regarding hens being egg bound and I thought "oh Lord, I hope I never have to do that"! Well, with what I had read and learned from this site, she was exhibiting the signs....sigh.

    I went into the house, ran a warm bath and had the oil at the ready. I picked up my girl, put her in the tub and oiled her rump. She had the look of "what are you....oh, um.....ahhhhh" and then PLOP went the egg in the tub. HAPPY HEN! [​IMG]Grateful hen owner [​IMG]

    Just wanted to share my story to show my gratitude for th wealth of information and experience this site provides!

    Thank you to ALL that share their wisdom, suggestions, and experiences!!

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    YAY! [​IMG]
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    We do tend to have each other's backs here!
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