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    Due to a nonpaying bidder, I'll offer this pretty pullet to BYC members----She hatched April 2011. Yellow band ABA #786. I've enjoyed watching her grow & develop but I don't plan any partridge based breeding. Maybe someone is breeding this color? She has dark eyes, comb, feet. Good 5 toed feet with heavy feathering even on middle toe. She was shown successfully once. She could use more mass on the tail and has some hard feathering in the tail. Her dam was blue partridge and sire, a self-blue.

    We have a young blue cockerel who could accompany her, its up to the buyer. If you'd like him at auction end, add $20 to final auction price to cover his price & additional shipping. (pics yet to come) He has dark eyes, proper comb & feet but could use little more toe separation on #4/#5.

    I place a chunk of melon in shipping box for moisture and plan to ship Nov 7 with the caveat of cooperative weather. Please email if any questions prior to auction end. I cannot be responsible once the box leaves my hands due to USPS handling, the risk is upon the buyer. Shipping generally takes 3 days, where the birds arrive usually morning of the 3rd day. No shipping to HI, AK, or VA
    Paypal only to [email protected]
    [​IMG] (cochin not included)
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    Here's pics of the blue cockerel who may accompany the pullet if the buyer wishes.....

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    Oct 1, 2011
    So is she still available or did buyerpay?
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    Yes, the gray silkie pullet is available. I see some blue partridge roos also at auction currently that would be a good pairing.
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