Great deal on egg cartons!


11 Years
May 19, 2009
Richfield, Summit Co.,Ohio
Ok, so for those of us needing more egg cartons - has a free shipping deal going on untill October 22. I just purchased some "seconds" on the clear egg cartons. They are the old fashioned 3x4 style. The only problem w/them is that the color is not consistant, some are clear and some have a golden cast to the plastic. I was able to purchase 50 cartons for only $12 - shipping included!
Just thought someone else might want to take advantage of this deal.
Once you get to the site, go to the "closeout" section at the bottom of the left hand sidebar. Then click on egg cartons....there are several styles on closeout, but most are for 6 eggs only. The ones I bought were the 3x4 clear egg cartons. They are meant for three eggs across, 4 rows down - total of a dozen eggs per carton. They were $12.50 for 50 of them (you could get 100 for only $20.95!). They sent an email saying they've shipped already - only a day after I ordered them. Hope you find them
I just went on to get free shipping last night. Had wanted the 3 by 4 paper cartons, because I think they are neat, but found the seconds in plastic & decided to get 200 of then. Couldn't beat it for $32.50! I've had regular plastic ones and do like them because they are washable. Will share them with my sister.
Thanks for the info. I got 50. Great timing my chicks have just started laying. Well, 2 out of ten but another one is thinking about it.I'll straighten her out .
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