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Nov 12, 2009
Hey everyone, Ive never posted a story on here, but I just had to share this one.
Its the end of broody season, but Ive had a few straglers like always. I've got this season's chicks of all shapes and sizes, about 2 months to 3 weeks old. The mama hens have moved on, some really early. I had a banty leave her chicks really early so she could set agian (...?) Those are the 3 week old babies. Theyre in a brooder pen, but Ive been letting them roam during the day. I let them out this morning, like normal, but also noticed I had a red cochin banty rooster out as well that must have flown over. Ive always got a couple free rangers out, we're not too tight on the security because all of our animals are fine with the chickens. I didnt give it much thought. I pretty much saw he wasnt being mean to the babies, and went about my day.
Apparently today was the day my neighbor brought home a new 4 month old mutt puppy. Ug.
At about 11 I hear the worst noise we can hear, that dreadful chicken alarm that means serious chaos. All the chickens in the pen were in an uproar, but unscathed. The few hens that are always out took refuge in a couple of the trees, and there were no chicks in sight. Im seriously worried and freaked out, and muttering all the impolite words I could think of at the moment. I ran over to the rabbit cages and scoop up the barking puppy, whose owner has now poked her head out of the back door but has otherwise not tried to contain her dog. I dropped the puppy back over the fence, and start looking for the chicks, or bodies, anything. After a minute or two, I see the rooster poking out between the rabbit cages and the shed. He's missing feathers, but he's otherwise unharmed. Im paranoid now, and grabbing all the loose chickens to stuff back in the cage. When I bent down to get him, I saw he had all the chicks. Somehow, in a matter of moments, this little scrawny bantam managed to wedge a good 30 chicks under the rabbit cages.
I was blown away. I mean really. My big boys have never been particularly mean to the babies, but they wouldnt focus on saving them if a dog came. They protect the hens, and the hens deal with the chicks. Has anyone ever heard of a 'mama' rooster? I thought this was pretty amazing.
The coolest part is, was this rooster wasnt a keeper. He was on the 'eat' pile, which meant he was going into the freezer in the next week or so. Im happy to say now that he's got a lifetime stay at my place. :]
Does anyone have a similar "Rooster protects chicks too" stories? Now Im really curious.
Great story! I'm not zoned for roosters, so I always have to re-home mine once they find their voice.
Looking forward to more stories from folks lucky enough to get to keep them.
I had to give mine away too, which was a shame. They were real protective however the neighbours were little snots who didn't like the noise. You win some you lose some I suppose...

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