Great site! New member with some questions from GA


9 Years
Oct 5, 2010
Have read thru quite a bit of the site, found a lot of info on how to build a coop and care for some new ladies but have a few more. I live in N Ga and have a shop that I want to get some chicks for. Mainly for eggs and pest control. See a lot of breeds any idea what would be the best for my area? Will be building a coup for 6-12 hens in the next week and want to know whqat I need to look for breed wise. Also looking at having them run freely at the shop and put into the pen at night. Is this something that will work? I see a lot of pens that keep them in there all the time but looking to have hem roam freely during the day for pest control. Have spiders, scorpions, flies and assorted bugs around the shopthat they can feed off of just have no sen anything on letting them run free of the pen. Do have a few predators around but mainly nightime ones. have 3 acres with a pond, and want to make sure they are safe to run. Any help is greatly appriciated! Thanks in advance....
from Ohio. There are many wonderful breeds out there. I chose breeds that are good cold weather layers. For you, it won't be that much of a big deal. My only advice with the coop and pen, is to make sure they are both predator proof from top to bottom. Good luck.

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