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Aug 2, 2008
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Hi all, I know that we are all in either Kentucky, Ohio, or Indiana, and we have threads for the states, but at least on the KY thread, most of the folks are pretty far down in the state, so it can be hard to meet up or offer stuff out to the group. Maybe this can be an extra place to connect with people who are closer to home.

The reason I thought of this today in particular is that I saw a great deal on chicks today, and when I asked an admin about posting it on the BST forum, I was told in the where am I forum. But I didn't want to spam the 3 states with it, and its really too far for most of the KY folks that read that thread, probably many of the OH and IN people, too, even though I don't read those threads anymore and don't know for sure. Sooooo...

For those who might be interested, I was over at Orscheln in Lawrenceburg IN this afternoon not too far off I-275. They had tons of chicks left, 2-3 weeks old, most pullets, I think only the Black Marans were straight run, the others were all supposed to be sexed pullets. They had them marked $1.50 each when I got there, but marked them down to $1.00 each while I was there. They had Buff Orps, Black Sex-links, Production Reds, New Hampshire Reds, some GLW, Barred Rocks, White Leghorns, Sicilan Buttercups... seems like something else, but I can't remember what. Oh, a few ducks, but they weren't as cheap as the chicks.

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